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A Message from a Daughter: -
Thank you for your support! At NAVANA we strive to provide excellent customer service as a companion to our high-quality products. The name NAVANA stems from my mother’s floral business started in Jamaica, where each letter represents the women in my family: My mother, my sister and myself. 


Our mantra, self care is self love, led to the initial creation of our Whipped Body Butters. Like a rose growing from a bud to a flower, from our body butters, we evolved and expanded Navana into skincare and haircare products. Throughout the journey, our goal and promise has remained the same: to deliver high-quality crafted products backed by research. 

Our haircare products were formulated to address the issues my sister and mother were facing: Hair loss due to high blood pressure medication. Our goal is to make everyone feel confident in their natural crown where our products serve to promote hair growth, while strengthening hair follicles and maintaining a healthy scalp evironment. 


We are a family-oriented business. All of our products are made-to-order to ensure that we deliver on our promise to our growing family: Quality. Our products are cruelty free, and free from synthetic chemicals. Please dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and don’t forget to connect with us so you can join the Navana Family!

Thanks again for supporting and Happy Glowing :)

Navana Creations

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